(July 18, 2022) Jung-Hoon, and Sungwon received the Outstanding Paper Award from the Korean Society for Nondestructive Testing (KSNT). They highlighted the role of stress-visualizing polymer in monitoring the damage state in civil infrastructure. Congratulation!












(December 16, 2021) SMIS Lab (Jong Sik, Tae Ahn, and Jiwoo) has received the Grand Prize, 'Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award,' from the Korean Concrete Institute (KCI) for being highly regarded in the assessment of fluidity and strength properties of concrete won. They  then donated their cash prize to the UNIST Endowment Fund. What a beautiful mind! So proud of you!!










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(November 4, 2021) Tae Ahn, Jong Sik, and Eun Jong participated in the 2021 Fall KCI Meeting and presented the poster, entitled "An Experimental Study on Mix Design of High-Fluidity and High-Strength Concrete." Prof. Kim also co-hosted the session, "Eco-Friendly Concrete." with Prof. Pyo at UNIST.












(October 27, 2021) Photographs of our first group picnic in Ulsan area. Many thanks to our group members for their dedication to the SMIS Lab. I would love to see your growth!

SMIS Lab picnic2 Fall 2021




SMIS Lab picnic Fall 2021














(September 3, 2021) Our undergraduate students teamed up to prepare for the 2021 KCI Annual Student Competition! Let's enjoy this game :)












(March 17, 2021) The SMIS Lab opened its door on October 19, 2021. Here is our first group photo, the SMIS Lab logo!